Texas Hunting

Hunter Ross established Desert Safaris, LLC, in 1994 and became a respected full time Texas hunting outfitter. Hunter Ross and his guides provide some of the most knowledgeable and successful big game hunts in Texas. Our hunting clients garner some of Texas largest big game trophies annually. Offering top quality hunting adventures for Trophy Mule Deer, free-range hunting for mountain trophy Aoudad Sheep, New Mexico Pronghorn Antelope, Javelina, Hogs, Elk, exotic game species and predators. Rio Grande Turkey and Scaled Quail are also available. We hold 400,000 acres of private hunting leases that are accessed exclusively by hunting clients of Desert Safaris.

With 20 years of landowner relations and research we have secured some of the most productive Texas hunting ranches in the Hill Country and Trans-Pecos regions of Texas. Desert Safaris professional hunting guides and outfitting staff is led by sole proprietor Hunter Ross. Hunter is a West Texas native that has hunted the Trans-Pecos region of Texas his entire life. We employ only the most experienced guides in the business and our team has a combined 150 plus years of professionally guiding clients in the field. Our guides are avid sportsman and we know what it takes to provide an exceptional hunting experience with high success rates for our clientele year after year.

Our number one priority is client satisfaction and strong relationships with our customers. A repeat client rate of over 80% is a testimonial to the honesty and integrity of our hunting operation. This combined with an attitude of intensity and commitment ensures our guests an exciting Texas hunting adventure with the highest level of service and virtually 100% success rates on all our hunts offered. We appreciate your interest in our operation and we hope to accommodate you on your next hunting adventure in the Lone Star State.

West Texas Mule Deer Hunting

One of the most coveted and difficult to obtain tropies in big game hunting in North America is the Mule Deer. Desert Safaris has some of the best Mule Deer hunting ranches in west Texas with outstanding genetics. Desert Safaris is the only commercial Mule Deer hunting outfitter which protein feeds year around and offers a consecutive 90 day Mule Deer hunting season. We Facilitate trophy Mule Deer hunts as well as Mule Deer management hunts, we produce some of the largest desert mule deer in the state entered into the annual Texas Big Game Awards Program. We qualify for the Texas Managed Lands Deer Permit program and Mule Deer tags are guaranteed without having to draw or wait years for a permit like most other Western states.

Our hunts are facilitated on 3 different private ranches encompassing 240,000 acres of the most prime mule deer habitat in Texas.

Free Range Aoudad Sheep Hunting

Our 6 large private ranches we facilitate our Aoudad Sheep hunts are located in some of the most rugged and remote mountain ranges in Western Texas (Trans-Pecos region) encompassing over 260,000 acres of prime Aoudad Sheep habitat.

This unspoiled, vast terrain produces some of the best fair chase – free range Aoudad hunting in the lower 48. Come see how and why we are harvesting some of the largest free range Aoudad Sheep in Texas and are the most recognized in the industry. Our clients average 30" rams with nearly 100% success rates. This is one of the most underrated hunts in North America at a fraction of the cost of any other sheep hunt to be found anywhere in the world.

New Mexico Pronghorn Antelope Hunting

New Mexico is known for producing some of the best pronghorn in the Western US being a top end producer for Boone & Crockett caliber bucks. We have secured properties in the best areas in the state with trophy antelope in the 14" to 16"+ class and our clients have experienced a 100% success rate annually . Hunters are not required to apply or draw for a tag since we have secured guaranteed landowner vouchers on large private ranches. This is a high animal density hunt with great weather during the early fall with frequent spot and stalk opportunities daily. Venture West with us to the "Land of Enchantment" rich in culture and heritage for the Pronghorn Antelope hunt of a lifetime.

Free Range Axis Deer Hunting in Texas

Texas boast over 15,000 free ranging Axis Deer located in the hill country region of the state and we are fortunate to have over 8,000 acres located in the heart of this area. June-August is prime time to be hunting Axis Deer in Texas during the rut and provides a great cure for the off-season blues. We are one of the only outfitters in Texas that offers Axis Deer hunting under 100% fair -chase, free-range hunting opportunities with a 100% success rate on SCI record book Axis Deer bucks.

Texas Exotic Hunting

Desert Safaris offers unlimited hunting opportunities for exotic hunts for species located from across the globe including free-range Aoudad Sheep, free-range Axis Deer, Scimitar Horned Oryx, Blackbuck Antelope, European Mouflon Sheep, Sika Deer, Fallow Deer, Buffalo and Addax to name a few. These are fun and challenging hunts that offer a variety and year round availability to our clients. Let us host your next hunting trip in Texas for a record book exotic animal this season.

Scaled "Blue" Quail Hunting

These fast flying game birds give plenty of fun shooting action on over 200,000 acres of Scaled Quail hunting habitat in the Western part of Texas. Our lengthy season of over 3½ months provides ample time for friends, family and large groups to get together and enjoy some great wing shooting in the lone star state. First -class accommodations and large coveys of Scaled Quail seen daily makes for great camaraderie and keeps our customers coming back hunting season after hunting season.

Hog, Javelina & Predator Hunting

Javelina and Hog hunting may be offered as a full service hunt or an add on to your existing big game hunt with Desert Safaris. This makes a great addition to the trophy room and a fun outdoor experience in the field. Predators make off season hunting fun. We offer Coyote, Bobcat, Grey Fox and Mountain Lion hunting as well to complete your total hunting package in Texas.

Statement To Our Clients

Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality hunting experience available through managed private properties, quality equipment, experienced guides, first class accommodations and game to meet or exceed your expectations. We feel that the best advertisement is a satisfied client and we look forward to seeing you on your next Texas hunting adventure so you can experience the Desert Safaris difference.

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Great ranches, accommodations and quality game has made all my trips more than memorable with Hunter Ross and Desert Safaris.

The guides are knowledgeable of the areas and they go the extra mile to make sure that all aspects of the hunt is properly handled.

I've returned 3 times in consecutive years and trust me it won’t be my last time. Thanks again.

Craig Boddington
World Renowned Outdoor Personality and Author