Texas Mule Deer Hunting

The Texas Desert Mule Deer, proper name Odocoileus hemionus crooki, is a desert mule deer named after General George Crook, who chased Geronimo the Desert Mule Deer's range. During the 1880s, the Apache nicknamed Crook Nantan Lupan, which means "Grey Wolf." Texas Desert Mule Deer range from Pecos River which is the Eastern part of the state to El Paso in the Western part of the state. Good numbers of Texas Mule Deer being found in the Panhandle region of the state. Mule deer are one of the most valued game animals in the Trans-Pecos and Panhandle regions of Texas and the staple big game animal for landowners and outfitters alike. Whether it’s their limited distribution, low numbers or unique appearance and behavior, most sportsman view the mule deer as a highly sought after trophy and are increasingly becoming the most hard to obtain trophy- class species in North America.

"The professional atmosphere and high moral attitude of Hunter and his staff made the trip an experience of a lifetime!"
~Christopher W. Stevens~

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West Texas Mule Deer Hunting

Desert Safaris merged with the famed Leoncita Cattle Company in 2004 which is owned and operated by Tom and Judge Val Beard of Alpine, Texas. Our exclusive property for Mule Deer Hunting is located in the far part of West Texas spanning across Brewster, Jeff Davis and Pecos counties and encompasses over 104,000 contiguous acres of prime mule deer habitat in the Trans-Pecos region. We feed 365 days a year and adjust the feed mix according to the season and the nutritional needs of our West Texas mule deer at that particular time. This has dramatically localized our mule deer herd and aided in higher numbers, increased antler development and an increased fawn crop from an average of 30-40% to over 70% annually. Our operation has qualified for the MLDP (Managed Land Deer Permit) program which lengthens our season from the standard 17 days to 86 consecutive days because of increased management practices. This allows us to harvest trophy West Texas Mule Deer bucks in conjunction with management bucks in order to balance our mule deer herd.

Numerous springs flow year round and in correlation with dirt tanks on the ranch provide ample water for our mule deer herds. Elevations on the property vary from 4000 feet in the low country and gradually increase to 6500 feet in the Davis Mountains high country. Temperatures for West Texas Mule Deer hunting trips will range from 20F in the mornings to as high as 80F in the afternoons.

Desert Safaris conducts safari style West Texas Mule Deer hunts which allows us to cover thousands of acres every day - while hunting slow and methodical, constant glassing for Big Bucks to find our clients the mature trophy Mule Deer buck. We hunt all day which increases the odds, we will walk down draws and use calls when Mule Deer bucks are bedding in their sanctuaries from the heat of the afternoons. It is Typical when hunting on our ranches in West Texas to expect to see up to 50-100 mule deer every day with half being bucks. Our most recently completed aerial survey for Mule Deer on our private ranches showed a 1.2 bucks per doe.

Our operation in 2012 required 2 new additional private ranches in the state which brings our landholdings for mule deer hunting in excess of 240,000 acres of the most prime mule deer habitat in Texas. All 3 private ranches have qualified for the MLDP (Managed Lands Deer Program) permitting system which gives us a liberal 3 month season from November 2nd until January 26th with any weapon.

Optics are a very crucial part of West Texas Mule Deer hunting with an extreme amount of glassing done daily. This can be straining on the eyes, so we recommend the best glass you can afford to bring, preferably in a 10x power magnification. After a hard day of West Texas Mule Deer hunting, clients relax in our 2800 sq. ft. hunting lodge on site, equipped with satellite TV, commercial ice machine, 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, central heat and air, full kitchen and spacious outdoor porch with breathtaking views of the Barilla and Davis Mountains.

We host a very limited amount of West Texas Mule Deer hunts every year to ensure higher success for our clients for trophy Texas Mule Deer on our properties, so give us a call and treat yourself to a West Texas Mule Deer hunt that is top notch.

West Texas Mule Deer Hunting Trip Includes:

  • 5 days Mule Deer hunting
  • 6 nights lodging
  • 3 meals daily
  • Managed land Mule Deer Hunting permit (no draw or application required)
  • 2x1 guide service
  • Field care of Mule Deer trophies
  • Aoudad Sheep, Scaled Quail, Javelina, Mtn. Lion, Bobcat and Feral Hogs may be taken on a trophy fee basis during this trip

Not included in Mule Deer Hunting in Texas trip:

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Texas Deer Hunting Licenses
  • Gratuities
  • Airport Pickup
  • Taxidermy/Expediting of trophies

Mule Deer Hunting Clients arriving by commercial air service will fly into Midland, Texas and begin a short 2 hour drive to our West Texas hunting lodge.

West Texas Mule Deer Hunting Trips of a Lifetime!

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